Using Nextcloud with a Video Doorbell - Recommendations

I’ve been thinking of getting a video doorbell. But it doesn’t make sense to pay for cloud storage when I have NextCloud.

Do anyone know of a video doorbell that has an Android or iOS app and is works with Nextcloud. Would you recommend it?

I would be surprised to find out such a thing exists.

About the closest you might get is to get one that supports FTP storage and then add the FTP storage to Nextcloud, but even then, “works with” is going to be a highly relative term…

you should look for a cam that promises to store your data using webdav or ftp (as @KarlF12 just put out) or such.


I am using the RING :copyright: Door View Cam.

When buying this device, you can purchase the protect plan “ring protect” witch is no more than a ftp space …

The dificult part here is to change the ftp settings. Only possible through a CLI connection.

I would not even consider changing Ring storage because $10/mo not only pays for the video storage but also the alarm service.

Sounds like all OP needs is a literal security camera. Get a classic IP based camera with ethernet connection and point storage to FTP or Samba or Webdav in Nextcloud. You can trigger the video recording from sound and/or video. Uses the rtsp or http/s stream to view the door in real time. Or, most cameras also include video output for a physical monitor screen in the home Or, use Zone Minder or MotionEyeOS. Set the sensitivity to be when someone is right in front of your door. Works fine. No reason to get a more modern system than that. Hope this helps.

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@just - Thanks for the recommendation. I might just go with that. I was hoping to find something integrated into the front doorbell.

I like the Ring system except for the monthly cloud storage. BTW - Ring no longer allows connections to anything but their network. See

I am looking for something similar too, I would love if there would be an app integrated into Nextcloud Talk Video call and let us use a video doorbell as if it would be a user of our Nextcloud server calling if someone rings the doorbell or if it detects someone …