Using Nextcloud to share our private video classes for our business

Hi dear community !
I just discovered NExtcloud through some videos. It is WOW !
Decentralizing Google, Dropbox, … at the same time
I’m starting a business selling video classes. Would there be a way for me to use NExtcloud, and allowing certain people only to privately access videos, stream them (not downloading them and avoid browsers plugins to download them !!), …
I’ve heard about Nextcloud apps … maybe this is a way to go ?

If not, since most people here are into open source, do you know any video self hosting management system, with coupons, payment plans, payment modules included,… (like centralized Podia for example) ??
Would be super usefull, I’d love to host for many entrepreneurs I wanna help to start cheap !
Thanks a lot

You probably can’t prevent users from downloading it somehow, I am not sure if there are DRM solutions to do so but if they are compatible with the Nextcloud apps?
Or you just give access and with the subscription they get a live Q&A session and not just the video streamings.