Using Nextcloud on IOS 9.3.5

I have an old iPad mini that can’t be upgraded beyond iOS 9.3.5. If I try to access the Nextcloud website, the Safari browser does not show the login fields. Is there a way to access NC from an old iPad? This is what the browser shows:

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I am in the same situation where I am trying to re-purpose an old ipad lying around. I tried to debug the issue by hooking it up to safari on a mac to look at the web inspector and I can see a few rendering errors for that page. I can only suspect safari 9 does not support some of the javascript syntax that vuejs library uses. Searching vuejs and ios 9 gave some result. It would be nice to fix, but I think the proportion of users running ios9 it too low for this to be prioritized. Maybe vuejs might fix it in future releases and that might get picked up by nextcloud.

Maybe the following might be useful to you:

My use cases are to browse/upload my files on the ios and be able to synchronize notes. For the former, I have gotten around this issue by using a webdav app instead to connect to the instance. I wish the client can work for ios 9 as I would really like the auto upload functionality. But I don’t think that will happen. I’m not even sure if it is possible with that OS version.

For notes, I’m trialing out joplin which has sync support for nextcloud via webdav. But I’ll be keeping an eye out for markdown based editors that also support synchronization via webdav.

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