Using Nextcloud in healthcare


I am not sure this is the best forum for the question I have so direct me elsewhere if more appropriate.

I am interested in an outline of the workflow that nextcloud could offer to a small healthcare institution (about 20 HCPs) which wants to self host its IT.

The requirements would be
Electronic patient record (Something like a database) for multiuser
Appointment system (needs reminders sent via email and SMS)
Video consultations
Imaging viewer (that already exists)

I see the value of the Nextcloud for general file sharing but can’t see how the existing milieu can be adapted to be used in healthcare.

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Considering the field, which is important and heavy regulated, you could consider to contact Nextcloud GmbH to ask for the economic conditions.
You can find informations here:

but be aware that Nextcloud offer seems to be targeted towards medium/big clients.
Anyway asking is free.

Beyond that try to look at:

Concerning the different points:

  • Appointment system (needs reminders sent via email and SMS): maybe Calendar + Tasks. I do not remember of reminds via SMS, yet I could miss something…
  • Video consultations: Talk, yet you probably would need professional assistance for good results.
  • Imaging viewer: (that already exists). You know…
  • Electronic patient record (Something like a database) for multiuser: What do you mean? Interacting with an Electronic patient record manager? Not aware of anythong like that!

There are several apps that could fit well too. For example contacts, flow, …

I would start with contacting an attorney as you have to abide by hipaa laws which are very specific.

Can nextcloud do this? Yes. I’m not sure about the electronic record but since it’s open source anyone can code that in. So just hire a programmer for it.

Or maybe with the appointments app :slight_smile: .

Thank you guys, for your thoughts.

I mean nextcloud has most/all of what you need including a diacom viewer. I’m just not sure what your requirements are regarding the electronic record.

It has been used successfully in healthcare. A couple users here have done so.

Good luck!