Using nextcloud for photo rights management

Hi all,

We are considering for running Nextcloud to track and manage our photos and the right management that comes with them.

We collaborate with several photographers that take pictures for us on different categories and receive Also using these images we create new collage images by combining images from several photographers.

Probably will have only one Nextcloud account not giving accounts to each photographer and make use of categories/folders and tags.

How would you recommend on organize the images to be able to track each resulting image to it’s raw parts?

Thank you,

i’d tag single pix with names of photographers and collages with names of all involved

though i would put thought into giving out one account per photographer just to keep it tidy.

If you do not like accounts you can create for each person a folder and use a public share with password.

I think i would use users because of password reset, …

Do you have an own nextcloud and number of uusersdoes not matter. How many users do you need?