Using Nextcloud Excel spreadsheet as a data source for Zoho Reports

The issue you are facing:
Is anyone out there using password protected documents as data sources for Zoho?

I am trying to use an Excel document stored in Nextcloud as a data source for Zoho Reports. There are two web URL data source options at zoho. The first is password protected web URL and that one is NOT working. I see a ‘need java’ error. The second is a non-password protected URL and that one is working just fine.

NO Password URL -
- take your normal Share URL and add /download to the end. This will work as a Zoho Reports data source as long as it is CSV or Excel.

YES Password - no matter how I access that Share link (with /download or not), I am directed to this URL -
and I have to enter a password. If I authenticate successfully, I am taken to the share URL and not to

It is at this point that the zoho import fails.
Any ideas?

Zoho Reports Data Source configuration with a web URL and password has GET and POST parameters that can be passed as PARAMETER or HEADER.

There is also a Data API option -

Nextcloud version 12.0.4

Any help you can provide would be fantastic.