Using Nextcloud as File Server


I sync all my files from one of my computers in a network to my NextCloud server fine (v 12.0). Now, I want to access these files from other PCs in the same network. If I configure Nextcloud clients on these PCs to access the same folders on the Server, will this configuration download the files to these clients? If some files from the Server are downloaded to each PC, when I modify one of these files in any one of the PCs, will this file be synced to all others? That is, can I use Nextcloud as two way server?


the answer of all your questions is YES. This is meaning File_sychronisation.


Hello Karsten,

Thank you for your response. So, let’s assume, I want to sync identical folders in two computers (PC1 and PC2) to the NC server (PCNC) . When I modify a file in PC1, will that file be synced to PC2? Or If I delete a file from PC2, will it be deleted from PC1?


Both answers are also yes.
If you’re looking for a “catch”, here’s the only one I know of: if two people are both editing the same document at the same time (and not with Collabora), then it is possible for one of their work saves to be overwritten by the other. Nextcloud does pretty well at catching this, though, and auto-renames one of them so that there is no work lost.

Yes, that is how it works.

Thank you both. These are the answers I was after. I want to sync common files in computers across our network. It seems NC will do it. If I can get the Bitwarden database hosted by NC also, I will be totally independent of external clouds.