Using Nextcloud as a backup solution

I was wondering if this is a possible/smart idea? I’m looking at network backup solutions, and I was wondering if it’s possible to regularly send over the “Users” directory of Windows users and if Linux computers become present, the /home directory. There’s really only a few directories per user that would need to get synchronized, then my thought was regular backups of Nextcloud to an external HDD and maybe send this information offsite for backups using the whole federated cloud thing? Is this viable/safe?

Terrible idea :slight_smile: use something else

I put some more thought into it, and my thought now is deja dup can do WebDAV backups (not sure if Windows can?), but send that to a backup user in nextcloud and have a subdir for each computer’s backups. The system is running in RAID 1 and backups will be made to the server regularly and stored offsite. I was looking at other options like bacula, but that’s weird and confusing stuff haha

Use something super simple for backups which is fire proof

What do you suggest?

No idea, take a look what’s out there. Im currently using rsync but there might be other things