Using Nextcloud alongside Wordpress configuration help

Right now I have Wordpress and Nextcloud installed, and I have a few things I’m not too sure about. This is a LAMP server on a Raspberry Pi. I have Wordpress directing to my Nextcloud directory easily, but it currently looks like “”. Is there a way to make it look like “”? Also I would like it to be easy to return to my webroot (Wordpress home page) from the Nextcloud login page. Is it possible to put a link in the login page that does that?

Different subdomains is a common way to separate services. You need to configure virtual hosts in your webserver:
And you need of course create the subdomains in your DNS, they can point both to the same IP.

Cool thank you! Do you know if there’s anything in the nextcloud configs that lets you place a link on the nextcloud login page to go back to a different directory on the server?

I cant find it in the app store to link to it, but i think your after something like “External Sites” by Frank Karlitschek. This lets you create links in the apps menu to external links/sites.

Awesome I’ll take a look at that! :slight_smile: