Using mobile Apps with user_saml! is it possible?

We are testing user_saml App in addtition with user_ldap and it works pretty well. Do the mobile Apps (iOS, Android and Desktop) support SAML Authentication?


You can simply create a app password in the personal settings of Nextcloud10 and later.
That should work independent of the used user backend and help to prevent potential issues with SAML.

cc @ChristophWurst

@nickvergessen How can I configure so that the IDP login window does not appear when I use the Desktop Client?

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Well when you login in the first time, just use the app password you created. That should stop it I think.

it doesnt work i still get the shibboleth idP Login Window

That should actually work on desktop as well, what appinfo/app.php does is basically check if the client is authenticated and if not redirect to the SAML login endpoint.

So this likely indicates that the backend somehow hasn’t properly detected the device token. Can you share the entries of oc_authtoken with us? (Note that these entries may be sensitive, you may want to use a test instance for that thus)

Hi @LukasReschke my oc_authtoken is still empty. the saml users are successfully authenticated on the browser.

i reinstall NC now i see entries in oc_authtoken: