Using libreoffice and nextcloud

Hey there

I have a Nextcloud 14 running on a raspberry pi 3+ (apache,mysql and php).
Whole thing is running from /var/www/html/nextcloud

If I want to save/open files stored in nextcloud from libreoffice I guess I should use WebDav. But how do I get that to work? I havn’t configured WebDav for nextcloud…think the tutorial in the nextcloud is unclear (at least for me)

You have at least two options:

  1. Sync everything with the desktop client
    Then you can work with all files locally. After changes the desktop client takes care of syncing the files.

  2. Use webdav. Its enabled by default and the path can be found in the webinterface under files > settings and should look similar to this: https://yourdomain.tld/remote.php/webdav/