Using / Importing existing circles for collectives

We have a Nextcloud instance that’s been using Circles for a while and now we’d like to us Collectives too. My expectation was that existing circles would show up on the Collectives list, but that is not the case.
It appears that we’d have to create new collectives (which are visible as circles, but not vice-versa) but in doing so, we noticed that we cannot use existing Circle names since creating a collective also creates a circle of the same name.

I took a quick glance at the DB structure for both Circles and Collectives and it would appear that the Circles app consults the oc_collectives table and those entries are not also added to the oc_circle_circles table. The unique_id in both cases don’t seem to have any kind of relationship either.

nextcloud=# select * from oc_collectives;
 id |        circle_unique_id         | permissions | emoji | trash_timestamp 
  1 | xFDfMELibGbrDFVRhlsulMZhG1wvlDp |        3117 | 🥭     |                
  2 | dDZOFCMJRk1pQIZshkgx4hdsMJi9Q3s |        3131 | 🍦     |                
(2 rows)

nextcloud=# select * from oc_circle_circles limit 2;
 id |   unique_id    |                     long_id                      |      name       | alt_name | description | settings | type |      creation       | contact_addressbook | contact_groupname 
  1 | c465809af9b86e | c465809af9b86ee5b5eebe2f223800ec3846aa32de251c50 | Foobar          |          |             | []       |    4 | 2021-01-08 14:52:20 |                   0 | 
 42 | 7fcf1447b5768b | 7fcf1447b5768bdbc218816157d0f113999ae56880a04371 | Barbaz          |          |             | []       |    4 | 2021-03-29 07:01:35 |                   0 | 
(2 rows)

In a nutshell, is there any way, automated or manual that we could import the existing circles into collectives or turn circles into collectives? Duplicating the circles or re-creating them using Collectives isn’t really a viable option.

Can @mejo maybe shed some light on this?

Dear @kwisatz, you should be able to create a collective for an existing circle by pressing the circles icon in the “create new collective” form. See the following screenshot:

Please let me know if this doesn’t work as expected for some reason.

Wow, that’s the first time I see this icon. It only shows on hover, and only if your user is the admin of any pre-existing circles.

That works, thanks, but I would maybe make it more obvious than that for others just as blind as me.