Using external network for Nextcloud AIO on initial setup and after update/restart

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First time forum poster (of any forum) and new user of Nextcloud. I have managed to succesfully setup the AIO using Docker and Cloudflare. In doing so I have created a bridge network (backend) that allows the Cloudflare container and tunnel to communicate with each container/service and assign a custom domain to the apache container, serving the Nextcloud Hub service over the internet. My question is not about getting everything working and setup, rather, when updates and restarts are needed how do I keep the master container from creating a new network (nextcloud-aio) and assigning all the Nextcloud containers to said network.

Previously I have restarted and then manually changed each container to be apart of the preexisting (backend) network and then remove the Nextcloud created (nextcloud-aio) network entirely. Just curious if I can improve QOL at all by not having to do this manually each time.


Hi, you need to do it the other way around and simply add cloudflare container to the nextcloud-aio network.

Thanks! I am assuming that there is no other way around in adjusting the configuration to fit my needs?

Yes indeed

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