Using Exclusively Remote Storage?

Hi, I am confused on two things…

  1. If files are stored on the remote storage that the admin user supplies to their users will the user’s quota still counts in it? Say if Han drop a 1GB file and his quota is 2GB, will that use 1GB out of the 2GB?
  2. If so how can I setup remote storage exclusively for the installation to use only? Instead of being a supplemental storage?


According to the documentation, you can use some external storage as primary storage instead of the server’s local storage.

Hi @FriendlyGamer

By default the space consumed on external storage doesn’t count to the user quota. This can be configured though:

'quota_include_external_storage' => false,

EXPERIMENTAL: option whether to include external storage in quota calculation, defaults to false.

Source: Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud 15 Administration Manual 15 documentation

So you can add the following line to your config.php to make the 1GB file on the external storage reduce the available user space to 1GB out of 2GB (from your example):
'quota_include_external_storage' => true,

Unfortunately it is experimental, so it is possible that this parameter doesn’t work yet. If it doesn’t work yet, feel free to open an issue on Github:

To your second question @yas provided the answer already :+1:

for me, using external storage as primary, and setting the quota_include_external_storage to true, then updating nextcloud… any new users could not upload, and new shares would not function. OG users were unaffected for uploading, but could not create working shares either. I had to set it to false, post upgrade, to get everything back to working. so the result is I can have group folder quotas, but no quota reported via the sync client, and no way to enforce a user quota, as user quotas remain at zero. when set to true the quotas were correct. seems that external as primary + quota is not something the dev team is overly concerned with, as it’s a “third-party” complication.