Using E2EE / Sync, is it safe to update server?

Hi, and thank you all for this great platform.

My server is running 20.0.12 installed via Snap. It auto updates, but I have it configured to not upgrade to 21.x.x. This was done due to E2EE sync issues with the Linux Desktop Client.

The latest desktop clients seem to handle sync with E2EE very well. My question is, can I move over to the 21.x.x release and still have stable E2EE via my desktop client (version 3.3.5).


You are correct. Do not update your server until the app supports that version. Example: 22 is not yet supported.

Also, keep backups.

Okay, thanks.

You can confirm current supported version (21) by checking the app store

Also check open issues on their github repo to see what is requested and pull requests to know what is being implemented.