Using a full disk on client installation instead of the nextcloud folder


Is there a way to use a full drive in nextcloud client instead of the nextcloud directory created by the client?

On my D: drive, I have around 200 folders that I need to sync. I can do it using the Add Folder Sync Connection, but it is going a lot of time and I am not sure this is the best way to do it. So is there a way to select the drive D: to make it sync?
Thank you

The Nextcloud client will eventually have an option to do this, but it’s still in tech preview for now.

Another option is to mount your Nextcloud share as a network drive with WebDav, which will use your OS’s cache/availability settings. Setting particular folders to be available offline should be an option in Pro or Enterprise versions, though I’m not sure about Win10 Home.

If that’s not what you need, then yes, Add Folder Sync Connection might be necessary.