Using 2 different Raids / Directories with Nextcloudpi


I have Nextcloudpi installed on a Raspberry PI for some time now. As main data directory the path of the SD card was changed against the data directory of a raid (md0 - /cloud/raid/). Now I have created a second raid (md1 - /cloud/raid2/) for my father, due to the different storage capacity. Now to the actual questions. I spent some time googling and browsing forums, I hope I didn’t miss anything.

  • Apart from configure the path of md1 as external storage, do I have any other way to set md1 as the main data directory for a specific user?

With the solution of including it as external storage, unfortunately you always have an intermediate step as the storage is shown as an extra folder in the main directory of the user.

  • It is also not possible to combine the 4 hard drives (SSDs, 2 x 240 GB & 2 x 480 GB) into one raid due to the different storage capacity. I am right about that or? Could the raids theoretically be “added” together to one big data directory?

Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry for bad englisch/translation. I hope it is understandable.

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I don’t have any experience with nextcloudpi.

However, using a bare metal install you can mount the arrays to specific user folders using mount /cloud/raid2 /var/www/data/username and mount /cloud/raid /var/www/data/username2

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Okay that’s very good to know, thank you.
So you would advise a fresh install without nextcloudpi? I have read this some times now.
I installed Nextcloudpi because I was afraid of the hassle of renewing the SSL certificate, Automatic Backups & NC Updates. But if there is no other solution (?) I will probably go this way.


You can use the external storage app from within nextcloud to mount the drives, but its easier to mount manually.

I don’t know if you should dump nextcloudpi. That’s really up to you. :slight_smile:

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