Users can not see new added external storage(external FTP) folders until remount external FTP

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 x64
Nextcloud Version: 12.0.4

I mount a external FTP server’s subfolders for different nextcloud users such as:

userA: ftp://xxxx/
userB: ftp://xxxx/folder01

I mount the FTP on admin’s management page and use the same FTP account when doing the mount.That means

user A and User B mount the external FTP as the same FTP account but diffrent FTP folder

.The problem is

When user A create a new folder: folder01/folder02, then user B login and go to the external storage folder, he can not see folder02 unless the nextcloud manager remount the external storage again.After remount, user B can see folder02 and add or delete files under it normally.

I have no idea why it happens, could you please give me some suggestions?

Best regards!

In the settings of an external storage, you can normally set an option to update the file list upon each access. Did you activate this?

Like this, NC probably doesn’t know that both folders are linked. Perhaps it is worth testing, if mounting it once (by userA, or by an admin user) and then sharing the folder to userB leads to a better performance.

Hi @tflidd,

Yes I have set the option to update the file list upon each access, but it still can not show subfolders created by others(I means a different FTP mount).

Anyway, I use the way you said: First mounting, then share to another user group. It works for me now, though it is not the original performance I want.

Thanks a lot!