Users and groups

I have been enjoying Next Cloud

I want to share a folder between a couple 3 users

I have made a group , but can’t seem to figure out how to access the group

If this can’t be done to move all the files from one user ( or renaming the user and marketing a new user) so it’s one log in for the files

I would like to use the groups , IE support PDF , customer forms , if this worked I would lie to breed down the support PDF to 4 different groups , other wise I can only see 5 different users , for this problem

Again I made groups , added the users to the groups , but can’t see to figure out how each can access or add to the group

Thank you

You can share files/folders to different users or groups. But the permissions of one shared folder is the same, so you can have different settings for a subfolder. The access control lists could be a workaround, where you can tag files and specify permissions:

I think NC 17 cleans this up a bit, it will be released very soon (scheduled for next week).

Adding the app group folders to create folders for a specific group. Or you can share a folder from one user to a group.

But the group folder app make it a bit cleaner and simpler.