Usergroups and contacts

i have to create about 100 users, all belonging to one group (let’s call it UG). I want to give the users the opportunity to share their ccordinates, if they want. Some won’t maybe. Is it possible to create a group in contacts (let’s call it CG), relate this group to this user group (UG), and if someone from this user group (UG) creates an account with his coordinates, this contact is automatically added to this contact group (CG) ?
I hope it’s clear. If not ask and i will try to explain it better.



I’m glad that I found your question because I want to do the same or a similar thing. I’m not so glad that there are no answers.

Here is my task: I want to add 30 parents from our school. They shall be both users (accounts) and contacts. Every student has two parents, the number might grow to 60. Then we might add the student and the number grows to 90.

How can I create a user account that will also be a contact in some contact list/group?


How can I add a contact that also is a user account?