"usercontent.apps.nextcloud.com" - Expired Let's Encrypt Certificate

Hey Guys,

No idea where else to put this, but hopefully someone that can do something about it will see this.

Simple MSP, Inc.

Thank you Curtis, I’ll let our sysadmins know :slight_smile:

PS: we are not just guys :slight_smile:

It’s fixed. Thanks again.

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I apologize, It’s been a very long week.

I’m happy to help. Would there be a better place to reach out about something like this in the future? I couldn’t find any direction on how to report issues of this nature.

Have a great night everyone :slight_smile:

Possibly 🔮 Meta - Nextcloud community but I think this section is also fine. We have some very active mods that will move the topic if it’s really in the wrong place :slight_smile: