User uploads to folder but doesnt appear

hi all,

ive had a strange question asked by a user/client who uses nextcloud

they uploaded a file to their folder and when it got near 100% complete the progress bar dissapeared and the file didnt appear in their folder

can i look at the logs to see whats happened, where are they so i can do some troubleshooting

EDIT - he was uploading 25gb file, maybe i should up the max file upload?


Very well could be a limit. If you are using default filesize limits on Nextcloud and your web server software, it will absolutely fail

do you know how i change the limit, is it a config file or through the admin web browser?

mmm… both files when i cat them ie my “.user.ini”


and “.htaccess”

php_value upload_max_filesize 511M php_value post_max_size 511M

but i dont understand as my users can upload much bigger files than 511mb?