User unable to Upload, Add Folder or Text file

We have a user logging into her Nextcloud for the first time (using Windows AD authentication). Login is successful, but there is no “+” icon that should allow Uploading, Adding Folders or Text files. The main window is basically a blank screen, but the left pane displays the normal options (Favorites, Shared with you, Shared with others, etc.)

From the same computer I am able to login successfully and access all my folders normally.

Any guidance is appreciated, thanks!


can you see the standard folders wich are shown in a new account?

Is there a Breadcrumb “Home”?

Are you using Plugins/Modules and if yes, which?

Hi Madmonk,

There is no Breadcrumb “Home” showing for this particular user. I’m trying to determine who setup this user and how/when it was done. I’m also looking for other users who appear to be setup but haven’t yet logged in.

Will update this post as I continue troubleshooting.


Maybe there are restrictions by server-, folder- and/or user-configuration.

Is it only one user can’t upload or more?

I’m going to try and find another user who is already setup but hasn’t logged in yet. I will post my results shortly.

just an idea … try to delete the user with this problems, then configure a new account for him/her and check out functionality again.


I actually created a new AD account and added this account to an AD Group (for LDAP authentication) … login was successful, but again no Home icon.

Our senior administrator did some digging and found the corresponding folder for this new user did not contain a Documents folder, nor did he find a Documents folder for the user I initially started this thread about.

He manually created the Documents folder for each user, then configured proper permissions. Logged back into the Nextcloud site using the new user credentials and voila, the Home icon appeared in addition to the following folders: Documents, helpme, Photos. What also appears are Nextcloud.mp4 and Nextcloud Manual files.

So now, there may be a couple of problems:

  1. A new user does not automatically have the proper folder structure on our Nextcloud server
  2. Existing user accounts logging in for the first time do not have the proper folder structure

Getting there!

Using the right things like php7 / MySQL etc.?
NextCloud 11.0.2 or an earlier one?

Hi madmonk, I work with Bryan. Here is our server environment:

Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
Nextcloud: 10.0.1
Apache: 2.4.7
PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.21
MySQL: 14.14 Distrib 5.5.54


May be, that your hoster block something?

E.g.: creating folder by NC not allowed.


nothing in the logs on the server side? You should also look client side for javascript errors in the browser (use Inspect, look in the javascript tab).

It could be the user isn’t properly provisioned, I suppose - are their user folders properly generated? Look in the data directory for that.

I have little clue about AD/LDAP, that’s a question for our LDAP expert - but if you need serious help from an engineer you should approach our sales team.

We’ve actually narrowed down the issue to an IE11 problem. When a user is added, via Active Directory, to the nextcloud group, the account doesn’t get fully setup when that user initially logs into Nextcloud with IE11. And that is the case regardless of Compatibility mode status. It’s only when using either Firefox, Chrome, or Edge that the user sees the welcome screen and the folder structure gets created. After the initial login, the user can then use IE11 to manage their account.

that is a fascinating bug… Is this a known bug on ?

I haven’t filed a bug report yet, but if you think it would be helpful I will.

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