User specific Apps / Menu

Dear Nextclouders,

thinking / talking / playing around NC a few years i think it could be a good feature to have user-based nc applications in the browser, f.i. some users only to look photos, others to collaborate and so on. I know some with some apps this can be anabled by group memberships but it could be very helpfull to enable apps user-based.

Or is this possible and i do not know how?


well if you’d think forward from group-memberships on you might come up with the insight that it is really user-based (note: not every app is able to feature group-memberships).

so let’s try it like this:
you have 3 apps, App1, App2, App3. You build user-groups with the same name (and add them to said apps)

So you could grant individual apps to individual users.
User1: A1, A3
User2: A2, A3
User3: A2
User4: None

It would be up to you as the admin.