User settings problems NC18 - marked as closed in Github but still present

I cannot administrate new users in NC18. If I want to add new users to specific groups the drop down menu opens but cannot be clicked on because they are behind the information of the neighbouring users. See

This issue is merged with other issues related to the user settings menu and among others.

Some of these issues are marked as closed or fixed, but my issue still remains also after upgrade to NC18.0.2 When I write in github that the issue is till present my comments are marked as spam. I do not understand why. Thats why I lift this issue here.

When will it be fixed? I cannot use NC18 because of this bug.

i think you need to wait until nc18.0.3 :frowning:

I do not find them in the list of open or closed issues. I do not understand why they are marked as “closed” or “fixed” when they are still present.

i think i read somewhere that they were fixed right after 18.0.2 got out.

?? I do not see any date. But found out that the problems are dependent on the browser. I have them in Chrome and Edge but not in Firefox. So I have found a solution for me.

i saw that in one comment somewhere on github.

great! for the moment. and hopefully it’ll come to a real solution with 18.0.3