User restriction of sharing by Shared URL

The basic behavior/policy of sharing with the current Shared URL is “everyone who knows the URL can access it”.

Is there no way to limit this to only NC users?
For example, even if “Restrict sharing only by users in a group” is enabled, anyone(include non NC user) can access it.

Is there a way or an NC app to limit the sharing range to NC users?

You can put all your NC users into a group and if you share a folder or file you share it with this group. Is this the way you asked for?

Sharing a link is inherently for sharing with non-NC users. You can share anything among NC users directly, without needing to share a link. If you’d need more security mandate the use of password-protected links when sharing one.

Thank you for response.
Normal sharing may cause files to be deleted or changed unintentionally. We use NC on a closed basis. Of course, it is fine for each individual to handle the file (sharing), but there are some who have difficulty with that. We adopted URL sharing to make it easy. Because we use NC in a closed manner, many users dislike setting a password.

I first tried, which allows the user to rewrite data. “Upload only, file generation (Create) only” It would be nice if I could set this right, but it seems that I can’t do that.