User:resetpassword user does not work


All I want is to be able to change my user’s password but I am locked out from all directions.

First of all the user’s page says, which is missign usual password entry boxes.

 Password change is disabled because the master key is disabled

I tried looking around the web but I could not find anything that can help me, some vague answers but not tells me what the precise solution is without messing up my users and data.

Then I go ahead and try to do it on the terminal

user:resetpassword user 

Can not decrypt the recovery key. Maybe you provided the wrong password. Try again.

I really do not know what is going on here :frowning: All I did was to upgrade to 14. This used to work fine before.

Debian Mysql Nextcloud 14.0.3

Any sane recommendations or idea abotu what is going on here?

Have a look here: and here:

The problem is the server-side encryption. If you have no master key installed, the admin can’t change the password without losing the user’s data since the user password is needed to decrypt the data. If the user has forgotten his or her password, this is a real problem. If they still have a client that can connect to Nextcloud, you could snoop the password.

If you use external storage and use server-side encryption, get familiar with the whole thing, check the backup and recovery procedure for data.

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Problem persists on nc20 with disabled:

  • server-side encryption
  • home-encryption
  • recovery key

Literally there is no encryption on files and nothing has been enabled either from admin level or user level.

User:resetpassword still produces:
Can not decrypt the recovery key. Maybe you provided the wrong password. Try again.
This falls under bug category more, doesn’t it?