User Password Reset

The issue you are facing:

I was expecting someone to have experience this issue before, but I could not find any posts in the discussion board regarding our issue.

I cannot reset a password for a user. I am logged in as an admin, and I am trying to perform the following, in accordance with Next Cloud’s instructions:
–Hover your cursor over the user’s Password field.
–Click on the pencil icon
–Enter the user’s new password in the password field, and remember to provide the user with their password.

The problem with the above procedures, is that the password field never shows. We click on the pencil icon and the password filed does not populate. We had other users try, who also have admin access, and they get the same result.

We also tried to have the user perform the “forgot password” option. But the user receives the error of “Passwords must be reset by an administrator.”

That said, we could really use some guidance in getting this resolved. If this is not the correct forum to bring this issue, Please let us know how to best get in touch with Next Cloud for assistance.


Hello and Welcome.

This is odd as It has always worked for me. As I cannot help you if something that should work is not there. I can help you give you another solution but this requires shell access. You could run

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ user:resetpassword USERNAME

if shell access is not possible you could try the app → occ Web
and run user:resetpassword USERNAME

odd that it doesn’t show for you what version are you running ?