User login broken

There was a problem that one user can not log in today. Even if the administrator changes the password of the user, the user can not log in. Every time the administrator changes the password, I check the table with PHPMyAdmin, but there is no change in the data. When the administrator changed the user name, it was reflected in PHPMyAdmin. It seems that the linkage with MySQL is not completely broken.

Ultimately, by resetting the password with the login of the Web UI, resetting the change password by e-mail functioned. It is not clear now whether the password change by the user was effective from the beginning.

If password change does not work, what is the way to enable user login?

Before resetting the password, the user has not changed the password. There was no input mistake by the user. User could not log in even if User changed PC or mobile. Does it have any problems? Or is it accidental damage?

Nextcloud 13.0.1 / PHP 7.1.16 / Nginx 1.10.11 / CentOS 7.3
It does not encrypt server side. Basic encryption module is enabled.

I saw the same problem this week.

User could not login. There was no entry in the log that he made a mistake.
Finally I reboot the machine and login works again.

NC 13.0.1 / PHP 7.2 / NGINX 1.13 / Ubuntu 16.04

Login failure that does not remain in the log record. This is still experienced with Firefox. When we try to use Nextcloud with Firefox, we always fail login. Even if I can log in, it suddenly gets kicked out of Nextcloud. When we use Nextcloud with Firefox, we need to reload the login page several times.

Today’s login failure was not related to the type of web browser. And there were many records of failure in the log.

Yes. I used Firefox. But I not shure if I didn’t try Chrome as well.