User_ldap error with the Active-Directory

Hi every buddy

I have installed Nextcloud and being using it from year and it works with me very well.

but in the last days the login page appears but when any Domain user that based on ldap connection trying to login the nextcloud gives him the Internal server error.

even when I login using the local admin user I can log in but when I try to open the settings page all the system stop immediately and all the system start gives the internal server error.

It makes me confused and I couldn’t do any thing from GUI, after trouble shooting the problem using the server Logs I found that too much Ldap error logs , after that I noticed that the user I have used to connect the ldap with the Active-Directory has his password changed.

I couldn’t use settings page to modify the password so to fix this I cleared all the ldap setting from the terminal using the occ command

Just for notifying: it is a small problem but it makes many errors and also makes all system stop

The system based on ubuntu 18.04 and apache as the webserver

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