User files/documents not visible in Docker installation after restore

Hi guys, I am a new user of Nextckloud that found amazing.
I use it on my NAS where I have a USB key with the OpenMediavault5, a SSD for Docker and two HDD in mirror mode for my files (movies, concert, music and files doc, pdf and xls).
I Installed Duplicati for create a backup of my documents; in the configuration of Duplicati I indicated, as origin the folder appdata/Nextcloud/data/user/files/documents and as destination a fiolder that I created in the HDD.
I dragged some files and some folders into the dashboard’s Nextcloud documents folder and made my first backup.
Then I deleted all the files inside Nextcloud Documents folder and I restored the files from the duplicati’s backup.
The backup was restored without any error but inside the Nextcloud folder I don’t see any files or folder.
If I browse with filezilla inside the folder appdata/Nextcloud/data/user/files/documents, I see all files and folder.
How I can see the restored files and folders inside dashboard of Nextcloud/Documents?
I hope that you understand my bad english.
Thanks and ciao

Hi, a file scan will most probably do the trick in your case.

For next time, I encourage you to use the search function on this forum. It is very easy to use and provides usually useful results for almost every query. In addition, you learn a lot in the process.

Hi jMLatNC, thanks for your reply…I tried to follow your suggest but Nextcloud give me an error…
In CLI I write

cd /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-5d98b163-6497-485d-9b84-974323fef276/appdata/nextcloud/config/www/nextcloud

and then I write

sudo -u www-data php -f ./occ files:scan --path="/lucilla/files"sudo:

but it give me this error: `Cannot write into “config” directory!
This can usually be fixed by giving the webserver write access to the config directory.

But, if you prefer to keep config.php file read only, set the option “config_is_read_only” to true in it.
Can you help me, please?

Hi, I’m away for a few days, so just a quick reply: Now you got obviously a permissions issue. The web server user and related processes must have access to the various Nextcloud configuration and data directories and files, as the case may be, with reading or writing rigths. If you search the forum for error ‘Cannot write into “config” directory’, you will surely find some hints and solutions…

Thanks very mutch, I resolved writing in CLI (suggest me by fiend Soma):

docker exec -it nextcloud bash
occ files:scan --all

in doing so it scanned the files of all users and now I have all the files and folders back in the Nextcloud folder.
Thanks again for your availability, you were really kind

Glad you were able to solve your problem. Bravo, molto bene! :+1:

The documented commands only apply to standard installations, of course, and I missed that you were talking about a Docker installation. My mistake. I would recommend that you now change the title for example to “User files/documents not visible in Docker installation after restore” or similar, so that someone will find a more precise wording in a later search query. And lastly, mark your action as a solution. Best regards. Ciao! :wave: