User experiences with hosting?

I’m looking for a good hosting provider. Single user only, so don’t need much. I’m located in North America but would look at overseas hosting if the speeds are good.

I came across hosting. They look to be a NC specific host but there’s barely a mention of them here. I sent them an email a couple days ago (almost) but have not received a reply – doesn’t make me feel good for tech support.

Does anyone use hosting services?

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No, sorry!

I can offer you a test account! If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us.

I appreciate the offer. Your site does not offer any English translation which isn’t a good sign if I ever needed help, etc.

I use their free version. But I’ve done a cost comparison of multiple providers and is reasonably priced. They also are affiliated with 360ICT which is an official Nextcloud partner. Most Nextcloud Hosts don’t actually pay Nextcloud Gmbh for support, meaning they don’t actually contribute back to the development of the software. However, that being said it isn’t for a lack of trying on behalf of the hosts. Nextcloud Gmbh doesn’t have a pricing model that makes sense for third party hosts (there’s no margin if you’re hosting Nextcloud and have to pay Nextcloud Gmbh 3 euros per month per user that signs up for the service). They don’t seem to be interested in moving some sort of badge program forward with any urgency either. Seems silly to me to not have a business plan around private consumers that don’t want to spend the time setting up their own servers, but with contracts with the german and french federal governments I guess they have their hands full.

Not sure why haven’t replied recently. When I sent them emails I usually got a reply back in a day or two.

As far as speed goes, it’s just as fast as a lot of the german providers. Jaba is good, so is LinuxFabrik, Woekli is also good but way too expensive. I looked at all of them on the providers list. The ones that seemed alright for an english speaker, and seemed to focus on Nextcloud and weren’t just offering a VPS with what seemed like little support (QLOC for example wasn’t the easiest to work with not speaking german for example) were:

Nextcloud good hosts:
Portknox Germany Swiss
Piet’s Host Germany
PixelX Germany latvia Netherlands
JabaHosting Germany
WebO Slovenia
Nimmerland Netherlands

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I’d really prefer a host with North America based servers.

Having said that, over the last 2 days I tried on a few occasions to sign up for the 25GB plan at but their cart/checkout system is broken:

I gave up on that, and I figured I’d give their free 2GB plan a try but the link just redirects you to the NC website.

Not surprisingly, if can’t even build a working website, I have no interest in them hosting any of my apps.

I would be interested to what is up with, because I am looking for a provieder for home use. paying the Nextcloud people is reason enough, so anyone from around, speak please!

I tested their free 2GB plan for a couple hours but it was too slow with me being on west coast North America. You might get better results.

Hey, thank you for the reply. I will check them out.

I was just curious why they did not resond to SolarDesalination’s email and why their homepage is in a bit of a disarray.

Update: I ended up signing up for the 500GB “Business SSD” shared plan at Hostiso but will be cancelling it immediately. It is pretty much unusable despite me choosing a local datacenter location. Opening the default ‘Documents’ folder often took forever.

I also had some other NC related issues that I’ll discuss in another post.

Hi, I’m from, although is an initiative we’ve started from our main company 360 ICT. We’ve been around since the early days of Nextcloud (I gave a joint presentation on the first nextcloud conference). We were building a large infrastructure with Nextcloud as application for a customer at the time. That actually paved the way to build an infrastructure of our own based on Nextcloud hosting. We’ve been building this infrastructure for quite a while as we wanted to build a solid infrastructure ourselves (and on our own servers) before we started offering hosting services. This had some growing pains as we are mostly engineers and had to do the support/sales ourselves. And engineers are not the best support/sales staff (I’m actually an engineer)… But I think we have that mostly under control, hiring new people and all: sales will responds mostly within a day. Support has an SLA based on 5 working days (for non-critical issues), but will mostly respond within a working day. Let me know if you have other experiences, we monitor response times but that’s on our end.

@SolarDesalination, thank you for your honest review, we appreciate it. We actually have attracted a developer (to initially create our webshop and paying backend) and might contribute code. We wanted to contribute to e2ee first as we are a bit frustrated as it’s not ready yet, but that was too complex and decided we would contribute in another way to e2ee. Our dev hasn’t contributed code yet, but we have him in reserve, especially for features or bugs that are important for our customers. So we might not be very visible in the contributing way, we are trying to contribute. Also, the free hosting is a contribution as well I think, as it mostly costs money but offers a real easy way to get signed up for non technical users. And offcourse, we support Nextcloud as we are an official silver partner.

I don’t blame you, we are migrating to a new storage platvorm based on Ceph and of our changes blew up our paying backend (but not our main Nextcloud hosting service). It’s not an excuse, just a reason. We’ve instated a “change on thursdays only” policy which you can see on our faq if it involves (expected) downtime or not.

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