User data migration app - how is its performance

I used the new app user data migration released with NC24. Exporting round about 900 GB, mostly pictures, took a day. Unfortunately this means that there are changes to the data before there is even the chance to get it moved. Unless of course one puts Nextcloud in maintenance mode.

Importing the data takes days. The import is running for two days now and has achieved round about 500 GB. This increased the amount of data which is outdated. And the alternative would be to dhut down the server for four days in order to have one for export and three for the import.

Migration is from a RPI4 with 4 GB RAM to an Intel based system with a celeron and 16 GB RAM.

How is you experience with the migration app in terms of performance?

Another day and the import progressed only by 200 GB.

Maybe Migrating to a different server is better approach rather user data migration. As long you control the server you get better results e.g. you shares remain valid which is not the case for user data migration which is designed to move data of single user to another server (which logically can’t migrate data tied to specific system like shares)… 900GB is pretty huge surprized it works at all especially on Raspi…