User data download and upload to facilitate migrating to another server (and for backup)

I see a good few topics on this and nothing but complexity. I would like to suggest that Nextcloud implement a user migration feature. The use case is is simple, as a user I decide I want to use another instance of nextcloud, I have files, contacts, calendar, tasks … and I’d like a simple download option from instance 1 which downloads everything of mine and a simple upload option on instance 2 so I can upload all my data.

There’s some devil in the detail but not much IMHO, it’s a simple and nice feature at some level that makes migrations easy and for that matter user specific backups (I can back all my stuff up).

One detail devil is that all my user info is relatively compact bar files which can be massive. And so the download could clearly make that if not every part, optional to download. File in particular are optional as I have them all on my PC from the desktop client. Now all I’d need is after importing my stuff, to point my desktop client to the new instance and account and it reliably push everything up to the cloud.

Hi @Bernd_Wechner,

The reason you may see a lot of complexity is because there is indeed a great deal, even for something that seems ‘simple’

It like saying ‘but I only need to travel to Jupiter and back in a week or so, just a simple round trip really’. The reality of delivery is much more complex.

So who is running the other instance of nextcloud that you’d want to move? (is it a commercial instance, company or private? Web or local?)
Is it an exact clone of the current instance (apps, configuration and all)?
Security implications / vetting of import data.
User backup?

The great thing about NC is the ability to get involved, if you feel up to it and you are sure that the ‘User Migration’ idea is sound and sought after you could always create it either yourself or collaborate with others: