User can delete shared folder having no rights to do this

Let me explain in short.
I create a folder and share this folder with some group. In share settings I remove ability to delete this folder for this group. Nonetheless, anyone from this group can delete this folder with documents in it.
Can someone check this?
If so, this is a huge bug then.

My settings:
Nextcloud version: 14
Operating system and version Debian 8 (Jessie):
Apache or nginx version 1.14.0:
PHP version: 7.1.20

A user can remove a shared resource (without deleting it). Can you verify that the files were really deleted for all users?

Thank you for checking this, @tflidd.
This is strange, but I also can not reproduce the problem now.
It seems I missed something that time and I’m happy that everything is all right with sharing permissions.
Well, once I’ve begun this topic could you explain me if there are any advantages on using Group folders application over the standard sharing functionality of Nextcloud? I mean permissions aspect.

Before, if you wanted to share files to a group, it was mostly done by some admin account which was not associated to a person (in case you change the name or the person leaves the company). With group folders, the files are not associated to any account. I’m not sure regarding the permission settings, if you have more granular settings…

However, I don’t know how stable this app is. Or was it the circles app? Just check the repos a bit how active they are and what kind of bug exist and for how long.

OK, I’ll put it in mind.
May be it is better to remove this topic.