User can delete a shared folder

Hi, I have a problem with an installation of NC 12.0.3 via Softaculous. We have created an administrator who has all the rights and a user who can only consult …
The User can not erase the files, but can erase the higher level share folder? Should you manually change something in the configuration to prevent this or put a htacess in the header folder.

You can always delete the shared item, that someone shared with you. If you want some kind of “sticky” share, you can use a groupfolder for that as you can’t remove them from the shared account.

Damn, youre right. But it appears to me, that you can only remove the share from your side. The files are not actually deletet on the users side how shared it. Could be expected behaviour, but it would be nice to have the option to decide if the user is allowed to do so.

Even if you have the rights to modify the data below a share, only the owner can actually delete it, this is expected behaviour. As I said, if you want a “persistent” share, use a groupfolder, that actually doesn’t belong to anybody, but the system and that you can’t “unshare” from your account.

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Yes ti would be nice !

Having the same issue as reported in this post, the problem persists with NC 17 and 18. And the solution of shared folder is not a clean option and have other problems, for example can´t encrypt information.

The thing is that users can delete or unshare folders only in the main home files, once they get in folders they do not have both options.

Is there a way to fix this problem?