User ban ip when uploading

Good Morning.

I have had some problems related to IP blocking.

The [ModSecurity)] blocks for example my IP and that of the users, I can enter well but when uploading it gives a connection failure and blocks the IP, in principle it is supposed to be 10 minutes but the surprise is when I see In fail2ban it has blacklisted me and there is no way to logically enter it.

2020-04-23 fail2ban.actions 00:14:01 [19209]: NOTICE [plesk-modsecurerity] Ban xx.xx.xx.xx

The solution now is to simply whitelist and mine IPs. But I don’t think that is a good solution especially when at some point the provider like provider changes the ip.

I don’t know if modsecurity or fail2ban should be configured for the nextcloud, someone could tell me what to do.

Thank you.