"user_backends" - IMAP


i am currently testing:
“user_backends” => array (
0 => array (
“class” => “OC_User_IMAP”,
“arguments” => array (
0 => ‘{outlook.office365.com:993/imap/ssl}’

this works, but… now every office 365 user is able to login in to my dev server…
this is nice, but not the way to go ofcourse :wink:

are there extra settings to say for example only allow mydomain.com ?

Gert-Jan Slot

As far as I know, there is no such feature yet. There is a feature request for quite some time, even with a few code snippets:

Would be great to implement this as a real feature.

Would be great if this is added to NC

regards, Gert-Jan Slot

is this going to be added? any1 knows?

There is now a feature request on the nextcloud-bugtracker:

There is no milestone set. So it probably needs somebody to get his hands dirty…