User Backend Erro - Help

rror User backend OCA\ZimbraDrive\Auth\ZimbraUsersBackend not found. 2018-11-27T13:15:25+0000

This start happen after upgrade from 13 to 14.

I can’t do nothing to stop the error in the Admin>Log in the web interface.

The error still appear every second…

I don’t know what to do.

I just googled the ZimbraDrive thing and found the following on Github (

Enabling Zimbra Drive (update oc_appconfig set configvalue=“yes” where appid=“zimbradrive” and configkey=“enabled”; ) fixed the issue for me as well.

So if you have access to your database via any database modifying tool (i.e. phpMyAdmin), try using the above statement:

UPDATE oc_appconfig 
SET configvalue="yes" 
WHERE appid="zimbradrive" AND configkey="enabled"

!!! Important !!!
Please make a backup of your database before you issue the above statement, just to make sure that if something goes wrong, you can always go back.

Hey Felix, thanks for your help, I don’t have phpmyadmin, I use Centos.

Im bad in mysql, how can I use this by the command prompt?

Hey rakos,

no worries, the phpMyAdmin was just an example but you can also do it via command line.

Just login via SSH and issue the following command:

mysql -uUsername -pPassword

Username = Your database user
Password = The users password

You should now see a mysql> prompt, where you can enter statements. If you do it via the command line, please ensure that you always add a semicolon ; at the end of each statement you execute.

Thanks Felix,

After sent by phpMyadmin (I installed it), seems to be OK, but I restart both apache and mysql services, and Still getting the error in the web interface Log, and can’t connect with the mail account, still “loading” all the time…

Did you check the table oc_appconfig in your database for the zimbradrive entry? Please could you issue the following command in your database and post the result on here:

FROM ob_appconfig
WHERE appid LIKE '%zimbra%';