User access web and smartphone

Kind regards everyone, I am new to trying nextcloud and it works quite well but I have a query.
From the admin user on the Nextcloud website, I have created a user “user1”, and this user logs in from the android client on a cell phone.
Then try to open that user from the web, but it indicates that the username or password is wrong.

Can a user make multiple accesses? in other words, can the same user log in from an android app, from the web, from a windows or mac client?

Thank you

Log in yes, join the same conversation no.

Thanks for answering, so because being logged in to the mobile I can not log in via the web?

Well, I have been able to access the different platforms with the same users, android, web, desktop; but it was as follows:
Create a new user, it was to log in first through the web, then add the user to my smarthphone and finally to windows client, after that I could be in all 3 sessions without problems and update the documents at the same time from the different platforms.

Thanks for following my post.

well just for the record, this happened because you tried to connect with an invalid password from the same IP, or you might have a (reverse) proxy in front which makes every user have the same IP.

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