Useless and annoying popup message on desktop

I am getting popup messages from my Nextcloud client advertising some conference in Berlin. Hey folks, please do not do that. This is not the way to reach your users. This is what email is for. I’m kind of surprised I have to say it.


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Hi Basildane,

Sorry you’re annoyed by this notification! We luckily don’t have the email addresses of all our users, nor do we know their server address, that would be quite a privacy violation :wink: so we won’t be doing that. You can of course sign up to our newsletter if you like.

Where this notification comes from

Your server has an app, the “Nextcloud announcements” app, with this description:

“Nextcloud announcements brings the latest news of Nextcloud into your notifications”

This is a ‘pull’ process, the app looks for a feed on our servers, we don’t send anything as we don’t have or keep any server data.

You can configure this app in your server settings, by default it sends these notifications to the admin group, not to users. As server notifications get sent to the clients, if you use one, it can then pop up on the desktop client or the mobile clients.

If you don’t want the notifications, you can disable the app or change the group of people who gets it.

You can find some more info in this github ticket:

Why oh why

Sorry if this was an annoying notification! We often get the feedback that people didn’t know our yearly conference exists or when it took place, that is why we send this message this year.

So it seems the vast majority of our ~250.000 server administrators probably don’t know about the conference (after all, it sure doesn’t attract 200.000 visitors). For many it would be an interesting and useful event so hopefully this was a useful notification for most of them. Of course, our goal is not to bother or disturb people, I hope a yearly message isn’t too much.

We recently blogged about our mission and prinicipals at - your feedback is of course welcome!


Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. It totally makes sense! I totally forgot about this app and thought that every user receives this notification.

Totally viable in my opinion and not annoying at all for me as the admin.


That works for me, thanks.

To make it even more obvious where the notification comes from and how to disable it, we’re changing the app a little:

Input, ideas, changes and pull requests welcome! As I said, this is not meant to be overused - 1 or 2 notifications a year. We just want to have a way to reach out to users with important news from the Nextcloud ecosystem… That can be a big security breach, but, of course, also more positive news like our conference :wink: