Use windows share as data storage

I have installed NC on a Raspberry Pi (linux) runs fine.
Since the storage capacity on an SD card is limited I planned to use a windows share from one of the computers in my home network to store the data.
I have made the share on the windows computer and mounted it onto the RPI. then I moved all the data from the SD card to the newly mounted folder (the share on my windows PC) This all works but it is not possible to add anything to NC. This is because if you mount a windows NTFS share to a Linux computer the share belongs to “Root”. It should be changed to owner “www-data” but that seems to be impossible since it is a windows NTFS.
I have intensively searched for two days to get around the problem but with no effect. Change owner does not work nor does trying to give SUDO rights to www-data.

In short:

  • The share is mounted
  • I can read/write from windows
  • I can read from Linux and as SUDO also write to the share from linux.
  • Nextcloud can read but not write (from linux)

Dit anyone try this and succeeded. This looks so obvious that it looks impossible to me that none would have tried it already.

All suggestions welcome.

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Nextcloud provides its own way to access
External Storages. It works just fine in my environment including Local, Amazon S3, WebDAV and SMB/CIFS storage types.

Do you mind to provide more reasons why you’d prefer to gain an access to SMB share at OS (Linux RPi) level and avoid App (Nextcloud) level?

I was not aware of the possibility. Damn I should have read the manual first. :laughing: I’ll will first do this and study this possibility. Thanks for the tip.:smiley:

There is useful supplementary Nextcloud app SMB connection test.
It helped me a lot to debug very unusal case with SMB protocol number client-server mismatch.