Use public link without nextcloud account on Android Talk app


I’d like to share a conversation with public link to a friend who has no nextcloud account. This friend can open the link in a web browser, but he can’t use it in nextcloud talk for android because he must add an existing nextcloud account first.

Is there a way to use Talk for android without requiring nextcloud account?

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No, that’s not yet possible but an issue ticket already exists which addresses this deficiency:

OK, thanks, I didn’t see it.

Perhaps you can add a user with a quota of 0 bytes.

… or use the guest user feature?!

@devnull, @j-ed, thanks for you advices!
I prefer to wait for this request done. I really appreciate if my friend, and others later, doesn’t have to setup an nextcloud account. Because of you, I know there is others ways if I don’t want to wait. :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t work. Guest user can’t use Talk

It works, you just have to enable talk/spreed to available apps for guests.
Finally this is the way I use.


Yes, you are correct. It works great. Thank you!

Hi there, sorry could you please explain how this works


  1. Enable Guests app and config it as you want.
  2. Share a file to a new guest user. This is the way to create one.
  3. Then this guest user have a real account on your nextcloud so he/she can install talk on android.

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