Use Photos App as Web-Page for external Links


i will share a specific Photo Folder from my nextcloud instance as “external link”.
So i go to the Photos App, use the folder view, navigate to the specific folder and click share.

Now i use “Link share” and say that everyone with that link can view the folder.
When i open that link in a private browser windows i only got the normal list- and grid-view we know from the normal file-list of a folder.

But i would like to get the nice gallery view with the nicer photo viewer. How can i get this for people that doesn’t have a user account to my nextcloud?


installing and using the Guests app might be a way to go.


I may suggest giving PhotoPrism a try with this need of yours. PhotoPrism can easily sync / import via WebDAV with NextCloud and works much better when it comes to media / gallery management and public sharing.