Use onelogin "SAML Test Connector (IdP)" , when it return to nextcloud , something is wrong


from this link SSO - NextCloud - OneLogin


I do not understand the 4.2 and the 5
I just do sth like the next pic
am I wrong?

Please change language of topic title to english.

this is I use the onelogin’s github onelogin/java-saml: Java SAML toolkit
I noticed that , It seems I missed the <saml:AttributeStatement>
Is this caused my fault?
and how should I fixed it?

sorry , I was use this first time , already change the topic.

the <samlp:Response> is response, and in nextcloud , the logging is nothing.
don’t know how to fix it …

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I tried reinstall a nextcloud in my vultr’s vps (CentOS 7) with lnmp1.5(,
this is the information ,
If I want use SSO in my own project with Java,
which one should choose ?
anyway, thanks for help.

If no one is responding to you here I would recommend to contact nextcloud community on IRC channel.

Your topic is not a common usecase for most users here IMHO.

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this document is a little to simple and thin…
just one picture , difficult to understand…

I have fix it