Use Nextcloud on Ubuntu fileserver with 4TB of data

For our company we are using a local Ubuntu server for file storage. At the moment our employees just login through Samba for working directly on the server. The reasons I would like to switch to Nextcloud are:

  • Also reachable from outside the network (Webdav/online)
  • Easy to use for customers who need to deliver files (instead of wetransfer, google drive, etc)

I need help if Nextcloud is the way to go, what I would like is that our people continue to work like they do, so just working directly on the server through Samba. Nextcloud should be up to date since there are also people work through ‘the cloud’.

To use Webdav locally is no option since this bug is present.

Please let me know if this is possible or share your thoughts on how to get this working.

You can continue using Samba and include the storage via external storage which allows manual changes on the external storage (in contrast to Nextcloud’s exclusive data-folder). You certainly want to test how fast Nextcloud detects changes and if you use all the 4TB as a single external storage or rather several ones which point to smaller sub-selections.

This way you should be able to provide online access for your co-workers and provide downloads for customers as well.