Use External hard drive as main storage

Hello everyone,

I am using Nextcloud on my raspberry pi for a while now. I have mounted my hdd through fstab and my system is able to see the hdd. Somehow, I can’t select the hdd as main storage. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Well you have to mount the external storage where your data-folder of Nextcloud is. If you want to do this straight away, don’t forget to copy existing data to the new drive first. You can only mount on empty folders.

I have found it out! I copied the data folder to my hdd, then changed the data directory to the hdd and I changed the www-data ownership with the chmod command.When I booted up again, the ocdata file was missing. I also found on this forum, how to make this file. it was the following command: touch .ocdata, in the directory of the hdd. Now I have 2 tb extra storage. Thanks for the help anyway!