Use Duplicati with Nextcloud

Hi there!

I hope this theme was not discussed before - I didn’t found any similar questions here.

I like to backup all my data stored in my nextcloud with the toll duplicati ( encrypted in the Microsoft or Google or Amazon Cloud. Have anyone here integrated this tool successfully within nextcloud?

My nextcloud instance is installed on a raspberry pi (3+).

Kind regards for all hints and answers.

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I’d be interested in this as well.

Hi @imp4ct,
you can use Nextcloud and Duplicati side-on-side on the same server. Nextcloud also store all its data on local file system where Duplicati has access too.

Thanks! Do you know if this also works with NextcloudPi?

Yes it does :slight_smile: The only disadvantage is you have to take care of the Mono-Library updates yourself …

I recommend this brilliant guide to backing up Nextcloud How To Backup Nextcloud - Kev Quirk

What does it means? How to take care mono updates?