USB Stick as external storage for datas (not nextcloud itself)

Well, i installed the “external storage” app. After that i choosed my usb stick as a new storage (its mounted and everything). Everything is fine, i can store data on the stick.
But now, i want this usb stick as a standard storage. All the datas should be automatically stored on this device. not on the sd card. On the sd card is only nextcloud software installed. Basically, when i upload stuff from my mobile phone (iOS) to nextcloud, it should be stored on this usb stick. Nowhere else.

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So its really not possible? Even if i switch the data dir in the config.php its not working. I cant reach nextcloud if i do so

In short: A lot of metadata about the files is stored in nextcloud’s database, so just moving them would break stuff. I suppose it would be possible to write something to update the database, but as far as I know nobody has done so, so: No, it’s not possible.

I did installation of webserver (lighttpd), database (mariadb) on a SCB.
Mounted a usb3 harddisk.
Moved mariadb’s database file to usb harddisk.
Installed Nextcloud on the sdcard on SCB, while config NC’s data to the usb harddisk.
Everything works fine.

The result what Staubgeborener looks for is very achievable. However, personally, with all those readings I had come across, I won’t try to migrate from config-1 to config-2, but just do a fresh install which is more performance guarantee and less debug needed.