Usare SSL Client Certificate via App

English will follow :
Attualmente l’APP Nextcloud non riesce a connettersi al mio server se su quest ultimo abilito la verifica del certificato client via https.
Mi sapete dire se questa possibilità è supportata o se è in roadmap ?

Currently the Nextcloud APP cannot connect to my server if on this last I enable https SSL Client Certificate validation.

Can you please tell me if this possibility is supported or if it is in roadmap?

It was probably suggested a couple of times, with the second factor authentication you need to create app passwords for each client. These are long generated passwords/keys which is finally not so different from SSL-client-certs (you can revoke access for each client individually).

For this reason, I don’t think that this option is seriously considered at the moment. Please feel free to check the repositories:

Actually, no. Android supports 2FA natively (and so should iOS, but I haven’t checked lately).

Client certs are interesting and we’ll implement them eventually, but I need someone with test setup - @LUCA_CARANGELO mail me at :slight_smile:

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